Who we are, for now…
Chvad SB: keys, programming, drums, guitars & vox
Blight Productions: bass
Lars Casteen: guitars
Ericah Hagle: vox

Brief Synopsis:
Having been writing and performing with various bands since 1991, things outside the skin was instigated in 1997 by Chvad SB (center). Previous to that he wrote and recorded with Recherche’ (1991-1997), Blood in Vain (1996-1997) and Mutant Yamulkas (2000-current).

Originally from the swampy depths of Blackwater, VA., Chvad SB and brother Blight (right) currently reside in the not so swampy depths of Brooklyn, NY.

Misguided, insecure, loud, raging, lunatic, hypocritical, ill tempered and yet kind to animals, things outside the skin lay a ground work of audio mayhem riddled with bitter social commentary.

“The only fitting musical comparison is Skinny Puppy on crack.” – The Illinois Entertainer