2011 – Tongue Muzzle “vs. All Monsters”

all-monsters-temp record date: 11-21-2010
release date: 1-3-2011
recorded* and produced by: Chvad SB
label: Facility Records
cover art: Chvad SB
availability: Bandcamp 

track list:
1. 7 Brothers Let Go of the Past, 2:46
2. Last One in Is a Rotten Destoroyah, 3:53
3. All Hail King Caesar, 7:15
4. Sodom and Gamera, 3:44
5. Voyage to the Center of the Spleen, 3:26
6. Invasion of the Booty Snatcher,s 3:10
7. My Parents Went to New Mexico And All I Got Was This
Stupid New T-Shirt, 4:42

this incarnation of Tongue Muzzle is:
Chvad SB: drums/whamola/sleep drone
Lars Casteen: sleep drone/whamola/drums/bass
Mr. 1234: bass/sleep drone/whamola
Zakai Robbins: whamolo/beatbox/drums

*recorded live straight to 2-Track.

2011 – Negative Impact Vol. 4

release year: 2011
label: PfF Productions
availability: t.o.t.s.SHOP
track list:
01. BIOCARBON13 – Engage
02. Obscure Descension – Human Capital
03. Whore in Babalon – Broken
05. Malfaktor – Dirty Faith
06. Concept 7 – Corporation Tank
07. N.U.T.E. – Another Lost One (10th Anniversary Mix)
08. Asmodeus X – Power Factory (Alle Lassen Mix)
09. Alien Implant – If You Want (Me To)
10. Apraxia – Suck It Up
11. God’s Black Magic – Thought for Fuel
12. Phase Theory – A Thing
13. Starmachines – Faith in Isolation (Fatal Mix)
14. Sealed in Silence – TODES!SUNDE
15. Infinity Interrupt – Alive
16. SubMask – With Menacing Looks


“nothin’ but a thing”, LIVE @ Arlene’s Grocery, NYC 2008

So things have been quiet around here and I’d love to be able to go into details but I really can’t do that right now… hopefully someday soon I’ll be able to. In the meantime, while t.o.t.s. are struggling to find a way out of this hole they have been in for the past few years, I’ll try to push out a few things here and there that we haven’t released before. This recording and these photos are from a show we played at Arlene’s Grocery in 2008. Thanks to Dan Reshef for the pics.
-Chvad SB, Feb 2011