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99 Gallons of Blood

99 Gallons of Blood 99 gallons of blood on the street 99 people you’ve ground into meat Intoxicant… the greedy fuck couldn’t care Escape the world… who? what? where? Machines of steel devour the flesh… Still, the sordid fuck is the bringer of death “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” plead, plead Feel the shame: bleed, bleed […]

“If I’m the Evil, Find the Evil in Me”, 1996

release year: 1996 written and produced by: Chvad SB label: Facility Records cover art: Chvad SB availability: OOP track list: 1) Distorted Thoughts, Distorted Visions 2) 99 Gallons of Blood 3) New Law 4) The Restoration 5) Sightless


The beginning of t.o.t.s.M.E.C.! (t.o.t.s. Mass Exodus of the Colon!) It’s common knowlege that every good toddler needs his or her ass evacuated on occasion to maintain a healthy, positive and realistic look on life as we know it and by gum, we’re here to do just that! Now get that wire rung scrubber ready […]