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“nothin’ but a thing”, LIVE @ Arlene’s Grocery, NYC 2008

So things have been quiet around here and I’d love to be able to go into details but I really can’t do that right now… hopefully someday soon I’ll be able to. In the meantime, while t.o.t.s. are struggling to find a way out of this hole they have been in for the past few […]

Love is in the air!!!! Happy Valentines Day!!! And another Art Show!!!!

Howdy Doo, In this floppy edition of your favorite clowntastic art blog, I worked up a fancy new drawing just for Valentines Day!! It’s all about the love! I am also re-posting the teaser for my latest movie-in-progress “THE LOVE STORY”, just in case you haven’t seen it yet. Oh, wait, if you thought that […]


In this weeks super mega exciting Blight Blog posting, we have a whole new episode of CLOWNLAND, updates on tonight’s (Sunday Dec. 14, 2008) live THINGS OUTSIDE THE SKIN concert, a new portrait of a clown named Smarmy, and some news about Jef Johnson’s Clown Lab! Be sure to check it out on the Blight […]

New Postcard Designs, and another Life Story Comic strip.

Howdy there, my super funkdefied friends, In this weeks blogaroo, I’ve posted up some brand new designs for some super cool postcards I am having printed up to give out to you and your friends next time you come to a THINGS OUTSIDE THE SKIN show. Which, by the way, the next one is happening […]

This Week: TOTS LIVE!!! A Life Story, and a TOTS Music Video!

Well, well, well, It’s a new week, lets see what the Blight Blog has in-store for you good folks. Well, only 2 days until you crazy die hard fans journey all the way to New York City to see your favorite band, “THINGS OUTSIDE THE SKIN“, perform live for the first time in over a […]