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Horror Culture II: Kids Try Suicide

Horror Culture II: Kids Try Suicide Nowhere’s end to nothing. Loss of: attainment of something “It” is no-“thing”, removal from space. End of existence, end of life Consummation of… Consummation of… Why attain no thing? –Because the of THE reason… A process engaged, every passing hour. Exchange, consummation of… The source: Mr. and Mrs. It. […]

Molested Machine

Molested Machine Sadistic vision tear flesh from its bones self-mutilation hear their moans Solace tyranny molested machine mutual misery mechanical scream Tortured transmissions inject into me tainted submissions –Raphael Hickman Copyright 1994 Raphael Hickman. All Rights Reserved.

Acid Eating

Acid Eating Eradicate metaphor for “numb”ered thought Sight is sought but no knowledge is caught Acid eating my brain Eradicate metaphor for “numb”ered thought Sight is sought but no knowledge is caught Thoughts dissolved… no, not evolved Overwhelming greed, nothing is resolved Learning to love fundamental lies Learning to love falsehood in disguise Binary net, […]

“Blood in Vain”, 1996

release year: 1996 written and produced by: Chvad SB **written by: Chvad SB and Raphael Hickman label: Facility Records availability: OOP track list: 1) Horror Culture (Kids Try Suicide)** 2) Acquiesce 3) Isolate 4) Acid Eating 5) Horror Culture (I Just Forgot Everything) 6) Ritual Reality**

“Horror Culture III: The Victim” (music video, 1999)

Click To Play Directed and edited by Chvad SB