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Horror Culture I: I Just Forgot Everything

Horror Culture: I Just Forgot Everything Theories infest. The rot of the world, to culture detest. Sight is obscure. The hate of the world, to culture impure. Truth is obscene. The lies of the world, to culture unseen. Truth is the meat, under the skin Tear through the flesh, take the blood in Absorb its […]

Horror Culture II: Kids Try Suicide

Horror Culture II: Kids Try Suicide Nowhere’s end to nothing. Loss of: attainment of something “It” is no-“thing”, removal from space. End of existence, end of life Consummation of… Consummation of… Why attain no thing? –Because the of THE reason… A process engaged, every passing hour. Exchange, consummation of… The source: Mr. and Mrs. It. […]

“Horror Culture III: The Victim” (music video, 1999)

Click To Play Directed and edited by Chvad SB

2002 – Notes From Thee Real Undergound Volume III

release year: 2002 label: Invisible Records availability: Emusic (Disc 01, Disc 02) track list (disc 1): 1) Acumen Nation (Coming Down) 2) Daiquiri (Falling Down Hurts) 3) Monster Trux (Svengoolie, live) 4) Bottonfeeder (The Explanation) 5) Eye Kandy (Cold) 6) Cougars (Morraca) 7) Furnace St (French Tickler Part 1) 8) Sump Pumps (Dr. Oblivion) 9) […]