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Ectomag, interview (2005)

Publication: Ectomag t.o.t.s. Interview w/Ectomag (Oct. 2005) by; Sameerah Ecto/Sameerah: Fucks sake, It’s been another shit day at my day job and once again I am running late. These days it seems like the story of my life. Tonight it isn’t a rush to get home and feed the cat or a potty emergency that […]

Space Junkies Magazine, interview (2005)

Publication: Space Junkies Magazine t.o.t.s. Interview w/Space Junkies Magazine (Oct. 2005) by; Hare Mengele [Hare]: How would you describe Things Outside The Skin? Chvad SB [Chvad]: Like Godzilla a load of simplified messages in the guise of over the top, overly loud, and ultimately cheesy monster movie. At least that’s my take on the whole […]

Dark Heart Magazin, interview (2005)

Publication: Dark Heart Magazin t.o.t.s. Interview w/Dark Heart Magazin (2005) by; Andreas DH: First, tell us something about your development as musicians. How long has Things Outside The Skin existed and when and how did you meet? How did you get the idea for the name of the group? Chvad SB: I started playing music […]

ChainDLK, interview (2005)

Publication: ChainDLK t.o.t.s. Interview w/ChainDLK (Dec. 2005) by; Shaun Phelps Chain D.L.K.: First, can you tell a little about Things Outside the Skin? Your mission statement, maybe? Things Outside The Skin: THINGS OUTSIDE THE SKIN has been around since 1997. The idea for the name had been around longer, but there was no immediate outlet […]

SuperCoolNothing, interview (2005)

Publication: SuperCoolNothing t.o.t.s. Interview (2005) by; Mr Drum Machine [Mr Drum Machine]: This is probably the worst, most cliched question to start an interview with–but I can’t resist: what’s the story behind the name of your band? “Things Outside The Skin” sounds more emo than industrial–nary an umlaut or a “23” to be found. [Chvad]: […]