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Drowning in Odium, interview (2006)

Publication: Drowning in Odium t.o.t.s. Interview w/ Drowning in Odium by; Royce Icon I got the chance to shoot the shit with Chvad from Things Outside The Skin, and here’s what was said. Royce Icon: Describe yourself and Things Outside the Skin for those not in the know. Chvad SB: THINGS OUTSIDE THE SKIN is […]

Culture Asylum, interview (1998)

Publication: Culture Asylum t.o.t.s. Interview w/Gira777, Culture Asylum (Dec. 1998) Many bands strive for a creative impact but few reach that point. One band that has is Things Outside The Skin. Their cassette “PIED PIPER” is incredible, especially when you’re a band that can do a remake of a Residents’ song with style. Their version […]

t.o.t.s. invade NYC airwaves!

[wpaudio url=”http://outside-the-skin.com/tots/audio/tots_on_EG_UNCUT_2006.mp3″ text=”t.o.t.s. Interview on 91.5 FM, NYC.”]


Chvad & Blight just finished interviewing Gerald Casale/Jihad Jerry (former DEVO co-founder) for the NYC radio show “Everything Goes”. We’ll post air dates when available!


What’s next? A radio show interviewing t.o.t.s.!!! Listen to it HERE.