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“Liar!” (music video, 2001)

Click To Play Directed, drawn, shot and animated by Chvad SB.


t.o.t.s.M.E.C. week #2! The video for “LIAR!” posted today… GET IT HERE!


The t.o.t.s. video “LIAR!” is featured on the new Go-Kustom TV “Best of Go-Kustom TV Vol.1 and 2” collection! Features other great acts such as Kill Switch… Klick and Drag Strip Riot! Buy it HERE!

2002 – Notes From Thee Real Undergound Volume III

release year: 2002 label: Invisible Records availability: Emusic (Disc 01, Disc 02) track list (disc 1): 1) Acumen Nation (Coming Down) 2) Daiquiri (Falling Down Hurts) 3) Monster Trux (Svengoolie, live) 4) Bottonfeeder (The Explanation) 5) Eye Kandy (Cold) 6) Cougars (Morraca) 7) Furnace St (French Tickler Part 1) 8) Sump Pumps (Dr. Oblivion) 9) […]

2002 – Go Kustom TV

label: Go-Kustom Records VOLUME ONE First Annual Hotrod-A-Rama at the Swiss Pub featuring- JR. Nelson (interview & short) Daryl Honigbaum (interview) DragStrip Riot – “Suspicions” (live footage) Tim Norman of Classical Gas The Inspectors – “Play The Ponies” (music video) PsychoCharger – “Grave Robbers From Outerspace” (music video) Big John Bates (interview & live footage) […]