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When the Ghosts Have Died

When the Ghosts Have Died Everyone…. Everywhere… Everything… Everyone…. Everywhere… Everything… Consider me. Consider me. Why be afraid? You’ve got what you’ve made. So, Guilt, why hide your head? Regret, didn’t make your bed. The things that go bump in the middle of the night, no longer do they scare. The monsters of the world […]

Mettle IV: Headcleaner

Mettle mov.IV: Headcleaner Hollow crevice, nothing real Infected sludge passes as “brain” No different from things made of steel, No thought inside, only stains… Of what once could have been. Now proven steel products are as tin: Fold and crush when made to think. Fold and crush when made to think! –Chvad SB Copyright 1997 […]

Mettle II: Structure

Mettle II One… Two… Three… Four… this is what you’re used to –Chvad SB Copyright 1996 Chvad SB. All Rights Reserved.

Distorted Thoughts, Distorted Visions

Distorted Thoughts, Distorted Visions (In the Black Hole Part 2) I hate… the poison that you’ve placed in my heart. I hate . . . you, now that you’ve torn me apart. I hate, the love that I still have for you. I hate, the two-faced fuck that you’re giving yours to. I hate. I […]


Failsafe And now we have Christ. But we’ve had him before, In every organized crime, The Failsafe from lore. And the good lord spoke… But we’ve heard him before. In every failed culture, In every bloated whore. Unthought motto, In the land of the brave Non-thought past, in the home of the free Still slave […]