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Hiroshima, Topics which apply, and Reasons for Mid-Life Crisis.

Hiroshima, Topics which apply, and Reasons for Mid-Life Crisis. If you think, you scream Pressure elating in the mind’s dream Cliched pleasure in sane. Not true, eyes strained, Opaque pane Digital Perfection, protection is dream 1.0.1.(one, zero, one); the perfect scream. Screaming nothing; Hundred words or less Obliterate something and sort through the mess Write […]

99 Gallons of Blood

99 Gallons of Blood 99 gallons of blood on the street 99 people you’ve ground into meat Intoxicant… the greedy fuck couldn’t care Escape the world… who? what? where? Machines of steel devour the flesh… Still, the sordid fuck is the bringer of death “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” plead, plead Feel the shame: bleed, bleed […]


Atmosphere but the hate lingers, smell it… breathe grins are deception, don’t believe behind glass eyes the chaos breeds, the violent thoughts that chaos needs Anti-peace. while hard-seed sleeps Anti-Brother, Sister, Father, and Mother weeps. Know the name of those you hate. Know the name of those you hate. Realize (real-lies?) within where you exist… […]

Mettle III: truth

Mettle III: truth permanence is what you rely on another social thing to depend on words of change bring depression fear of change halts progression existence rages n, behind your eyes numbers are false, you’ve got to realize God is forever -none of this is true- We are forever -none of this is true- Our […]


WORMFACE I knew how you could take But I thought that you might feel So I loved what you were And that’s my own mistake But I’ve seen under your skin Peeled it back and crawled right in Now I know what you are I know what you are. But you’re too proud to see […]