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Mettle IV: Programmed Apathy

Mettle IV: Programmed Apathy Down the street, another world from here. Sound: recognition is gone, when you cannot hear: down where woman is beat. When you turn your back down from the problems, “Are you afraid to see?” Down: where the dead children lay… spine to spine, HEADLINE: PUBLIC FEEDS THE PUBLIC ONE MORE BULLSHIT […]

2005 – Fully Automated: The hEADaCHE re:mixes

release year: 2005 label: uncoiled loops availability: CDBaby track list: 01. Collide – Wings of Steel 02. Hypoid – Deprograming Deposits of Fat 03. Diverje/Soul Ciruit – Stronger 04. Croc Shop – Generation 05. Silvercord – Autopilot 06. LiveSexAct – New Version of You 07. Noxious Emotion – X 08. function13 – Odor 09. things […]


Two more tracks were completed this weekend. Alternate versions may appear on various compilations, more word on that as time goes on… Nevertheless, these are the definitive beginnings of the new t.o.t.s. CD. Track titles are: “So Emotional Tao” and “Mettle IV: Programmed Apathy”.