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New pictures have been added, of old members and new members. There are also now pictures on the “Who, what, how?” page.


The “things” albums have been added to the discography, and lyrics are up. There’s now a “Who, what, how?” page, with band members, live performance synopsis, and equipment lists. The more extensive history is still there; it’s just been given its own link. The “Pied Piper” album is now available on the “Product” page, and […]


Audio clips have finally been added for the new “Pied Piper” album. Also check out the new/updated images. Lots of changes on the horizon; read all about it on the”News” page.


Remaining references have now been purged… look for new video and audio clips soon.


Most of the new “things” graphics are in place. A few straggling “Recherche’” references may still be floating around but rest assured they soon will be “converted” as well. Any comments or questions please email at the contact source or the link below.