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So Emotional Tao

So Emotional Tao Music is amotional… Music is amotional… Music is amotional… If music is amotional… Then why does it fill me? Out… Of sorts. Out… Of mind. Out… Of touch. Out… Of time. Empty in space… Empty in head… Empty in thought… Empty in said… Empty in spoke… Empty in speak… Empty in mind… […]

2003 – The War Against The Teeny-Boppers

release year: 2003 label: Invin-Kor Artistic Alliance availability: OOP  track list: 1) Rebellion Lite 2) Dirty & Used (Hypoidermic Mix) 3) Faceless 4) Reject Me (Liar’s Rosebush mix) 5) XX-Extended 6) Glorious Glowing Technicolor 7) PSP 8) Trendsetter 9) Robots 10) Rape of Icons 11) Acid Beat 12) Anti-Hate Crime 13) Fear in Justice 14) […]


“War Against the Teeny Boppers” has just been released on Invin-Kor and features “So Emotional Tao” (Ichiban Mix) by t.o.t.s.. See the “creation” section for more info and track list. Remixes for the new t.o.t.s. CD “You Knew It All Along” are starting to roll in and they fucking rock! As things move along a […]


Two more tracks were completed this weekend. Alternate versions may appear on various compilations, more word on that as time goes on… Nevertheless, these are the definitive beginnings of the new t.o.t.s. CD. Track titles are: “So Emotional Tao” and “Mettle IV: Programmed Apathy”.