Updated “About t.o.t.s.” section. CD “God in a Box” is now available nationally through all record chains, CDNOW, AMAZON.COM, CDPOINT and many more…. (All of this we might add without being signed). “Ginger’s Lament” will also be released on the upcoming Residents tribute album “FESTER” released on Facility Records.

More is being added to outside the skin.com everyday. The “Paranormal t.o.t.s.” section will be added soon explaining where and why t.o.t.s. travel to actual haunted locations across the U.S. to get first hand footage for their shows.

things outside the skin are now in the process of repairing all of their badly abused equipment in order to perform live. These dates will be posted accordingly. If you would like to see “t.o.t.s.” in your particular part of the country please write and we will see how we might be able to accommodate. This is the first time in 3 years t.o.t.s. have taken the stage… All bullshit aside, we’re ready to kill.

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