Here’s a few updates in t.o.t.s. land. We here at The Facility have suffered a few crisis in the past few months but as “things” are now getting close to under control here is a list of what’s been happening and going to happen. 1) THE Thing has completed his long running work on the compilation tribute album: “F.E.S.T.E.R.: A Tribute to The Residents. 2) A new t.o.t.s. ep is in the works entitled “The Grove” with 4 brand new tracks and a possible remake of an older Recherche’ track (by popular request!). 1) “Mettle mov. IV: The Hypocrit” 2) “The Victim” 3) “They’re Exactly Alike Again” 4) “The Grove” and 5) “The Man” . A new full length album in the oven tentatively named “Herr Doktor”. THE Thing is also working on a new tribute compilation for Facility Records called, “SPUD SUCKERS: A Tribute to DEVO”. Preparations are being made for a new live show with the incredible return of “Benign The Clown”! More news to come…

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