I just wanted to say thanks to all of those who found the time to come out and support the number of shows we’ve played thus far in 2002. Your support is appreciated! t.o.t.s. are packing up at the moment and as of next week will be located, for an undetermined amount of time, in Brooklyn, New York. t.o.t.s. will, as soon as possible, be playing shows in NY and surrounding areas. If anyone in the New York area is interested in playing with t.o.t.s. drop us a line and let us know. We also have plans to make it back to Chicago on a semi-regular basis.

Thanks to sealed in silence, CEOXiME and Scary Lady Sarah for a string of very cool performances in the past 5 months.

There will only be a small breach in online communications with t.o.t.s. so please feel free to commmunicate via email as much as you’d like until I have a new ground address for everyone.

And now to the packing…
Chvad SB
things outside the skin

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