2002 – Go Kustom TV

cover_go-kustom_tv label: Go-Kustom Records

First Annual Hotrod-A-Rama at the Swiss Pub featuring- JR. Nelson (interview & short)
Daryl Honigbaum (interview)
DragStrip Riot – “Suspicions” (live footage)
Tim Norman of Classical Gas The Inspectors – “Play The Ponies” (music video)
PsychoCharger – “Grave Robbers From Outerspace” (music video)
Big John Bates (interview & live footage)
Sabrina RockArena of the band Cookie (interview)
Ugly Head – “Yes” (music video)
Graveyard Shift (interview and live footage)
Brent Watanabe with D.A. Sebasstian (short film / music video)

VOLUME TWO (airdate – 4/23/02 @ 9:30PM)
Rooks Car Show & Shake The Shack Rockabilly Ball Michael Soldano (interview)
J. Dennis Hicklin (interview)
Jeff Morrison (pinstriping short)
Geoff Firebaugh (interview)
Duke & Cheryl Morris (interview)
Dirty Birds @ The Crocodile Cafe (one song)
Swedish Whistler – “Notorious Liar” (music video)
Things Outside The Skin – “Liar” (music video)
Bill Wolford (interview)
Kill Switch…Klick – “Produkt” (music video)
DragStrip Riot (interview and live footage)
Stupid Robot Show (video short )
Red To Violet – “Here I Am” (music video)
Bonita Brazen (burlesque performance)
The Dead Cats (interview and live footage)

Other t.o.t.s videos aired on Go-Kustom TV:
“The Eve of Separation”: EPISODE THREE (airdate – 5/14/02@1:30AM)
“Wormface”: EPISODE THREE (airdate – 5/14/02@1:30AM)

Go-Kustom TV comes to you on cable channel 29/77 in the greater Seattle area. Each week hostess Lindsay Calkins interviews Musicians, Artists, Pin-Up Models, Hot Rod Builders & Kustom Kulture Enthusiasts . Additional interviews by Michael Ditmore, Betty X, D.A. Sebasstian & Perry Fulfs. Go-Kustom TV is produced by D.A. Sebasstian. Additional camera crew- Melene Marie Brown, Justin DuPre and Shannon Dell.

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