So welcome to the new year. Haven’t had a chance to post anything new in awhile so here are some quick updates:

1)Doggie Tails has now been released. Chvad SB’s participation with the soundtrack has been reduced to one track but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. All graphics on and in the DVD were also by Chvad SB.

2) t.o.t.s. is finished with all the tracks for the new full length t.o.t.s. CD called, “You Knew It All Along.”. We are now waiting for remixes from a number of great artists to be completed for inclusion on the new disc. We’ll post contributing bands soon.

3) “War Against The Teenie Boppers!” is now available from InvinKor records and features the t.o.t.s. track, “So Emotional Tao”. Images and tracklist will be posted soon.

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