The beginning of t.o.t.s.M.E.C.! (t.o.t.s. Mass Exodus of the Colon!)

It’s common knowlege that every good toddler needs his or her ass evacuated on occasion to maintain a healthy, positive and realistic look on life as we know it and by gum, we’re here to do just that! Now get that wire rung scrubber ready for action!

Here’s the dealio:
Due to the fact that it’s taking me for fucking EVER to release the latest t.o.t.s. CD “You Knew It All Along” andI can’t stand to not release stuff, I’m going to release a track, video or remix every week until I get it released!

This weeks new posting is the video for the things outside the skin track “99 Gallons of Blood” from the 1999 release “God in a Box” (currently available from www.emusic.com and most major chains:)) Feedback is always appreciated!

Here’s the link:

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