The show last Friday rocked in a big way and we owe it to all of the loyal psycho freaks out there who showed up & stayed until 3:00 am to see us play! You all fuckin’ rock!!! THANKYOU!

DJ ALERT!:The-1-2-3-4-Logo

t.o.t.s. supah’ sexxxy drummer The 1-2-3-4 will be DJ’ing a swanky set of funky tunes this Tuesday in NYC! C’mon out and show some love! Here’s all the info:

spins @ Shit Hammered! @ Happy Ending 302 Broome St. (bet. Forsyth and Eldridge). Entry is free (and from 11-12 the booze is too!)

From the Man himself!:
Tuesday, June 7th I will be serving up steaming hot platters of succulent sounds at the nfamous Shit Hammered party. Booze, toilet paper, and porno mags…dude, you’re so gonna ge laid! I’m on from approximately 12:30 to 2:30, so plan on calling in sick to work the next day and come party!

(Note from Chvad: be warned kiddos… this is some ear-numbing 80’s pop- spinning suicide goin’ on so BE PREPARED ;). Good ol’ The 1-2-3-4 should be locked up and institutionalised but we let him do this instead ;))

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