t.o.t.s. tour pics posted!

All the tour pics from the “We’re All Fucked And You Know It” Tour 2006 are posted on our site so pack up yer’ bags and head on over see ’em! The LINK.

There’s lots of fun stuff on the way this 2007 and we’re set to conquer the known universe next year so get used to that shit-eating grin on my face and the grumpy clown antics of Blight… cuz’ you’re gonna get a whole lot more of our cheeky shenanigans next year! So for now… have the rest of your little “2006” all to yourselves. We’re done with it. Finished. The only shit left in this year is bogus holiday cheer and “goodwill” and we’ll have nothing to do with that nonsense! We’re climbing deep down into the depths of our damp and clammy studios to start recording the next t.o.t.s. CD and we’re not leaving until we’re either finished or the bugs have eaten us alive! See ya’ in 2007.
-Chvad SB

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