Don’t buy mahogany!

Indonesia made a plea for Western consumers to reject smuggled timber. We are appealing today to the conscience of the whole world: do not buy uncertified wood,” said Rachmat Witoelar, Indonesia’s environment minister. He said illegal logging was ravaging 37 of his country’s 41 national parks, and now accounted for more than 73% of all logging in Indonesia.” – BBC
What you buy affects us all people! Don’t buy mahogany guitars… or other instruments made from illegally imported woods. All companies manufacturing from woods like this are practicing shady business ethics. They import pre-cut “guitar bodies” from places like China or Korea, who acquire illegally lumbered wood. The U.S. has bans on the import of raw mahogany, but pre-made mahogany products pass through. DON’T SUPPORT THIS INDUSTRY! KNOW WHAT YOU BUY! We’re all dying here… and we’re doing it to ourselves.

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