Helping obese kids lose weight.

The mend program helps kids lose weight.
…now if we could only get people in the United States to give a fuck about each other. We don’t. It a fact. You want proof? Look out of your front door. Mentally incapacitated homeless thrown onto the streets, obese children abound, no health benefits and worthless unions that are nothing more than a mirror to the corporations they supposedly protect workers from. But let’s get to the issue at hand, some countries DO care about their citizens. Some people care about their children. I for one believe that there are far too many of us humans on this over burdened planet anyway BUT IF you are going to breed and IF laws are in place to prevent types of abortion, then at the very least those children should be fucking educated and treated fairly… not fed to the cheap to buy, overly advertised, destroy your body McTwinkie Market. Here’s an article over on the BBC website about a program that helps fat kids stop being fat. It’s important.
Click HERE for the article.
What is obesity? Click here to find out.
Obesity is a fucking disease people. If you have a problem with it, don’t seek justification for your personal issues through kids who don’t know any better.

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