t.o.t.s. MASSIVE summer updates! Colossal take over of world going as planned!

Hey everyone!

As most of you know, we here in t.o.t.s.land have been planning world domination for quite some time now and as an integral part of our family, we wanted to give all of YOU news of our progress and some intel on the latest and greatest breaking events!

You can find BRAND NEW t.o.t.s. tracks on couple of new compilations that have *JUST* hit the streets!

Here’s the info:
1) SpudSuckers! A tribute to DEVO (Invisible Records). Produced by Chvad SB back in 2001 and features a ton of great bands like THINGS OUTSIDE THE SKIN, Diverje, Unto Ashes, Sealed in Silence, Blight Productions, Nova Social and many many more! Never having been properly released, Invisible couldn’t let this masterpiece just sit and collect dust so they just HAD to get it out of the doors and into your ears! “SpudSuckers!” is now available digitally through the following vendors: Napster, http://www.emusic.com, http://www.rhapsody.com and more!

2) Negative Impact Vol.2. This compilation by Project Pitchfork Productions features great bands like Saemskin, Biocarbon13, Diverje, the BRAND NEW THINGS OUTSIDE THE SKIN track “Nothin’ But a Thing” and many many more! So how do you get your paws on this? IT’S EASY! Buy a CD or shirt from the t.o.t.s. online store (https://www.outside-the-skin.com/tots/totsSHOP) and get this compilation FOR FREE! However, if you already have all things cool and t.o.t.s., fear not! You can get the Negative Impact Vol.2 on it’s own for only $10.00 with FREE SHIPPING!

3) New DJ only comp hits the streets! ANOTHER brand new t.o.t.s. track “When the Ghosts Have Died” is now officially floating around the world and YOU CAN’T BUY THIS ANYWHERE! Then why am I even telling you this? Tune in to your internet radio stations people and if you don’t hear it… ASK FOR IT by it’s amazingly cryptic name: CD:DZ-015

4) LOWER PRICES! All items in the t.o.t.s.SHOP online store now have FREE SHIPPING!. All CD’s are $10.00 and shirts are reduced to only $15.00! https://www.outside-the-skin.com/tots/totsSHOP

Of course, all this great new music is for the forthcoming t.o.t.s. CD “The Return of the Wetlands” we’re currently hard at work on and will be releasing on Invisible Records as soon as it’s complete! We’re about 1⁄2 through it as we speak but grab the comps for a wicked preview of things to come!

The Hollywood take over continues! Members of t.o.t.s. continue to infiltrate all known media…

1) Beyond Baklava: The Fairy Tale Story of Sylvia’s Baklava: This feature length film will be seeing it’s world premiere at the “Int’l Panorama of Indie Film” in Greece in Sept. 2007! Featuring music by Chvad SB. More info can be found HERE: http://www.filmlightsmusic.com/beyondbaklava.html .

2) Marathon: Chvad SB has just finished the mix, sound design and original score for this new EPIC short directed by Jerrod Boggard! “The definitive short film chronicling the events following the Battle of Marathon in 490 BC, the journey of Phidippides!” More info HERE: http://inkythumbs.com

3) Art or Something Like It! The second season of the hit television series produced and created by the one and only Emmy nominated Blight Productions rolls on! The new episode “Punk Rubber Chickens or Blending Sticky Yarn” will be airing in NYC on Friday July 26th at 7:30AM, 1:30PM, 10:30PM and again Saturday July 27st at 2:30PM. Get more info on “Art or Something Like It” at www.artorsomethinglikeit.com and http://www.youtube.com/AOSLI . Also, tell everyone to go to ART or Something like it! on the IMDB and write a review of the show at http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0491593 .

5) Videos! Videos! Videos! All of you know t.o.t.s. is a media monster and so it’ll come as no surprise that a legion of video art created by Blight and Chvad is now available for viewing on YouTube! More will be added every few days!
Check it all out here:
t.o.t.s.: http://www.youtube.com/t0t5
Blight: http://www.youtube.com/blightproductions
(Also check out Blight’s newly overhauled website: www.blightproductions.com)

New bands! The Qualia!
Chvad SB will be playing keyboards in forthcoming live performances for Lars Casteen’s excellent project “The Qualia” on WTII Records! Lars is a kick ass person and if anyone hasn’t heard “The Qualia” yet, they should check it out! More as things develop! www.thequalia.com

DarkSonus: Celebrating the Dark Arts!
A number of you may already have heard of the web community DarkSonus but if you haven’t been to the site in the past few months, I urge you to check it out again! Chvad took over the site a number of months ago and has been in the process of adding great new features and articles. Chat rooms! Q&A with professional engineers! Reviews! “How to” Articles! Mix of the Week! DarkSonus Radio! Mainly a site geared towards musicians but if you’re a fan of the scene in general you should drop by and listen to DarkSonus Radio and hear all the great bands occupying the site! www.darksonus.com . Drop by and sign up, it’s all FREE!

Sorry for the long winded blast of news but we’ve been busy here in t.o.t.s.land and the rest of 2007 and all of 2008 are going to be AWESOME displays of our progress towards world domination. Look forward to us hitting the road and touring more then EVER before! If you want us in your town LET ME KNOW!

Rock on!
Chvad SB

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