In the making: t.o.t.s. “TROTW”. Post 2.

Last week I purchased FXpansion’s GURU. I was feeling frustrated at my current drum application (Taureg 2) and wasn’t feeling very inspired. I really loved the GURU demo and I so bought it. I’ve been fucking around with GURU mainly on the SMP remix right now. I’ve pulled most of the original elements from the track and recorded new guitars. Not heavy stuff… that was way too obvious for the track. So I busted out the dobro and recorded some stuff with that. So far so good but the drums are far from any I can use right now. Problem is, Jason records GREAT drums so I need to bring something different to the table.

Last Sunday I re-recorded bass parts for the track “Menacing Sky”. This is probably the most developed of the unfinished batch of songs right now and it’s been sitting around the longest. The bass was kind of muddy and after recording the bass lines for another track the week earlier I came across a tone I thought sounded wicked for his bass and wanted to re-record this track again. Basically, his bass is recorded directly into and out of a Studio Projects VTB1 tube mic pre and straight into the computer. Sounds great. In general this song has sounded really cluttered to me but after seeing the Jesu show a few weeks ago I left the concert with a few ideas in my head of what to do about the overall mix. I still need to try those ideas out and record my vocals. I’ve got about 4 songs sitting around needing vox recorded but I’ve been procrastinating with this.

I got a call over the weekend about a CS6x that was available for cheap so I went and picked that up last night. Pretty much just killed the night fucking around with it. I’ll see if I can work it into a track… we’ll see.

Also want to mention that Blight has been seriously busy creating a “” in Second Life that will ultimately play a big part in our next tour if things go as planned. More on that later…

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