In the making: t.o.t.s. “TROTW”. Post 4

Got most of the way through the remix of “Metropolis” for SMP today. Still a few things to tweak but I hope to have it finished by tomorrow afternoon. I’ve been working on it for the past 12 hours and I’m kinda burnt right now so I’m letting the rest sit for tonight.

It looks like one of our already completed tracks from “The Return of the Wetlands” called “When the Ghosts Have Died” will be used in a new Burlesque documentary. Nothing has been set it stone yet but I got confirmation today that the producers are interested in using the track. More on that as it happens. “When the Ghosts Have Died” got a sneak release on a DJ only compilation earlier this year as well.

I also confirmed today that t.o.t.s. will be submitting material to another compilation, this time “Negative Impact Vol.3”. though I’m not sure what music will be submitted to this yet.

While working on the last t.o.t.s. CD “You Knew It All Along” I wound up releasing almost every track on the CD through a compilation prior to the CD’s actual release. I think that was mainly due to the fucking thing taking far to long to complete resulting in me struggling to keep some kind of exposure for the band so we didn’t drift away from everyone’s consciousness. I’m definately not PLANNING on a similar scenario for the release we’re currently working on though with 2 compilations already released and a 3rd on the way it would seem that we’re headed down the same path. We’ll see.

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