Mime time and another little clown movie!

Hello friends,

This is going to be a rather short posting as I have been way to busy this weekend to put anything together to post up here. Just a news bulletin. So this past Saturday I spent the morning directing one of “Blight the Clowns” little friends in a new sweet love story.

This new fun filled film features Jef Johnson from the amazingly brilliant NY CLOWN lab. After shooting such an amazing thing all day “Blight the Clown” was feeling needy and wanted to go learn how to move invisible boxes. So I had to take him by the hand and walk him to his fancy Mime workshop. Mostly, I just sat in the corner, pointing and laughing at little “Blight the Clown” trying to make feeble attempts to pull rope that wasn’t there. What a weirdo he is huh? Anyway, I am off to the grind. Again starts another week of madness and I have to get some more work on my newest painting. So good bye for now.


Below is a production still from the new movie. More info to come later.

“Love story” Productions still 1

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