In the making: t.o.t.s. “TROTW”. Post 11:

HAHAHAHHHAHAA!!!!! Finished a new track today.. “Whatever Happened to Carson”. I’m fucking jazzed about this song. Everything worked out perfectly on it. This fucker has been a sword in my side for a while. A lot of guitars and a lot of ebow action… and that was the problem. i needed some new stuffs to make the tone of the geetar perfect and the tech21 reverb worked like a charm.
Still a lot of work left to go but there’s a shit load of tracks waiting to get mixed so… baby steps and all.. the CD is coming along nicely.

Finished the mix with a bad case of SHINGLES BTW. Shit hurts… More on that HERE.
That’s it.. now it’s off to get my character up to level 60 in Mass Effect!


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