In the making: t.o.t.s. “TROTW”. Post 12:

Mobile tech and t.o.t.s….
So while the CD is still being slaved over I decided to take a break from it this weekend to work on new tech for t.o.t.s.. Basically, I’ve been looking for ways to integrate news distribution for t.o.t.s. and thanks to a wicked new service I’m one HUGE step closer. This is seriously cool. With one transmission either from a computer or phone I can send audio, video, still images and text to a number of resources I frequently update including wordpress, flickr, youtube, myspace, yahoo groups, livejournal, facebook, twitter and more. I’d love to just have one source of info distro to cater towards but it’s a HUGE assumption to make that anyone, even a fan, would like to go out of their way to get info on your project. That being said I believe that a sound promotional strategy in ANY medium is to be as omni-present as humanly possible. This certainly helps. This ALSO has the great benefit of being timely as it’s integrated intimately with mobile tech. If you are on the road, you can easily keep a steady flow of band/art related content happening from where you are without any extra gear… just a phone. Show updates… news to the fans, cancellations, cool pics from the stage.. WHATEVER. I’m WAY excited about using this on the next tour.

Just a short update this time…


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