Blight’s big nose, Jackson Sq, Vampires, ART in Germany and a pretty rainbow!

A Preview of the NEW Blight blog posting:

Hello my super fine funk-defied clowntactic prople,

Boy-Oh-Boy, I sure have had a lot going on this week. Which is basically my way of saying, “there ain’t gonna’ be a lot of stuff in this weeks blog”. Well I don’t know, it’s 2AM on Sunday night and I just got back from helping my friend on a movie shoot. Let’s see what kind of stuff rambles out before I pass out!!

1. New Blight the Clown Comic
2. New Biff Vampire Movie
3. Pretty Rainbow
4. Jackson Sq Park

Go to the Blog to read all the gory details:

I need your help! I am planning a trip to Germany in a couple months and I am looking to find some cool art galleries that you think might be interested in representing my work. If you have any contacts, please email me ASAP!!!


Brian A. Bernhard
Blight Productions

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