Blight the Clown Comic Strip #6, My Feetz Too Big, and a pretty flower!

Hello my fancy bag of friends,

“Yes, your feets too big
Don’t want ya, cause ya feets too big
Can’t use ya, cause ya feets too big
I really hate ya, cause ya feets too big”

This is a quote from the Fats Waller song called “Your Feet’s Too Big” that inspired my latest illustration, check it out on the blog, along with another all NEW Blight the Clown comic strip!

Follow this URL to Blight Productions blog of clowntastic goodness:

I still need your help! I am planning a trip to Germany in a couple months and I am looking to find some cool art galleries that you think might be interested in representing my work. If you have any contacts, please email me ASAP!!!


Brian A. Bernhard
Blight Productions

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