Blights gets a sty in comic #11, and dwells a little to much on eyes this week.

Once upon a time…

There were some very nice people. They took a liking to a cute little clown called “Blight” and enjoyed the weekly comic strip version of his life. It is for those wonderful folks that I bring to you, “The Missing adventures of Blight the Clown #11”. Those of you that know me, this weeks strip carries a deeper meaning.

Also, witness a NEW eyeball drawing and an amazing performance by The Residents, a group that has managed to inform and influence many aspects of my artistic career.

Follow this URL to Blight Productions blog of clowntastic goodness:

I still need your help! I am planning a trip to Germany in a couple months and I am looking to find some cool art galleries that you think might be interested in representing my work. If you have any contacts, please email me ASAP!!!


Blight the Clown
Blight Productions

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