Chvad the Thug works out some issues, Blight Productions Website Updates, More social Networks, and some DeviantART craziness!!!

Howdy folks,

Welcome to another new edition of the Blight Productions half-hour-hour clown blog. In this weeks posting, Chvad the Thug works out some issues in THE MISSING ADVENTURES OF BLIGHT THE CLOWN #23, I made a bunch of new updates to, Blight the Clown has joined a ton of new Social Networks, maybe you can find him on one, I have uploaded a shiny new video production demo reel, and oh my goodness, crazy threads are happening over at DeviantART!

Check it out on the Blight Blog:

Please forward this email to all your friends. Tell them to sign up to the email list. We NEED all the support we can get. We need you folks to buy some art, read the free comics, come to the live shows, get off you ass and show some love!! PLEASE!!!

Your pal,
Blight the Clown
(A.K.A.) Brian A. Bernhard
Blight Productions

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