Austin, Texas: Bridge Bats, Natural Springs, Trailer Park Cupcakes, Fire Juggling, Yummy Food, Sunsets, & an unemployed Rodeo Clown Named Gus!

Howdy doo,

Well, things have been quite busy. Me and the little lady took a trip a little bit ago to Austin, Texas. I decided to challenge myself with a little experiment, I brought my Flip video camera along for the ride and decided to document the trip by producing one video per day. The trip lasted for 8 days and I made 8 videos documenting the majority of our adventures in Austin. This was not only an experiment to see if I could keep up with the workload of making a video everyday while I was supposed to be on vacation, but it also gave me the chance to explore a new character named, “Gus the Unemployed Rodeo Clown.” During the trip, we played a strange quiz game inside a bar, we toured the haunted areas of Austin, we went to the Alamo Drafthouse, we met real live Texans, we got “lost” in the desert looking for coyotes, we saw a fire juggler, we went to a vaudeville show, we went to the bat bridge, took a dip in the natural springs Robert Redford learned to swim in, and much much more. Please watch all the videos, and enjoy Austin with us. If you like them leave me a bunch of comments, and re-post them to every blog you can think of. Thanks.

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Blight the Clown
(A.K.A.) Brian A. Bernhard
Blight Productions

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