ChainDLK (2005)

Review Source: ChainDLK
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Release: You Knew It All Along
Label: Facility records
Rated: 4 stars

Brooklyn experimental music project THINGS OUTSIDE THE SKIN are back with a new full length CD that represents a definite evolution and improvement over their previous, more dark, release. “You Knew It All Along” packs together twenty-three tracks of cutting edge aggro-electronica that mixes together experimental vibes, aggressive electronic music, aggro-industrial attitude and mechanical noises all complemented by a refreshing and intelligent political punk attitude. The band reminds me of australians Eye, but if you don’t remember them, you might think of T.O.T.S. as a well mixed cocktail of Skinny Puppy, Pop Will Eat Itself, Consolidated, Godflesh, Sloppy Wrenchbody, Flugschadel, Headcrash, Ministry and other similar bands. All these comparisons are very fitting, for one reason or another, and it’s up to you to find out how these influences are mixed together. A good occasion for that, would be their visually-enhanced live shows. If you don’t live in NYC, they’ll be on tour in November to support the release of this record. Don’t miss out.

Review by: Marc ‘the MEMORY Man’ Urselli-Schaerer.

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