ChainDLK (2006)

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Release: You Knew it all Along
Label: Facility Records
Rated: 4 stars

THINGS OUTSIDE THE SKIN are back for their fifth release, “You Knew it all Along.” t.o.t.s. is Chvad SB (vocals/programming), Blight Productions (bass), and The 1-2-3-4 (drums), interesting names to add to the curiousness of this colorful new release. t.o.t.s.’ sound is composed of, basically, dirty gangster rap above spooky and aged sci-fi themes—or, better put, a nightmarish amusement park moving in slow motion.

My first impression about this release was that it would be blatantly evil with not much intrinsic value, however; upon listening and reading the lyrics I was quick to discover this band actually has a healthy(?) sense of humor, and a smart approach to their subject matter that is quickly infectious.

While I’m not a big fan of industrial rap, THINGS OUTSIDE THE SKIN does an extremely convincing job of merging the two genres, and does it better than most acts I’ve heard. t.o.t.s. is not, by any means, limited to rap—as they show an affinity for EBM and touch on a variety of other genres. Regardless your interests, though, t.o.t.s.’ violating cover of the Spice Girls’ “Spice up Your Life” alone is well worth any price asked for this album.

Review by: Shaun Phelps

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