Connexion Bizarre (2005)

Review Source: Connexion Bizarre

Release: You Knew It All Along
Label: Facility Records

“You Knew It All Along”, the third album from the Things Outside The Skin (TOTS from now on) trio can be described as fun. “Getting piss drunk after a b-movie and doing 90mph while DUI to the nearest strip-bar where you waste away until the sun shines” fun. It’s ugly, offensive, aggro industrial hip-hop with a punk edge for good measure.

While occasionally dumber than even Mindless Self Indulgense in their lyrics, even in a most amusing fashion, TOTS deliver with a gritty and noisy style that will certainly earn them a loyal fanbase in their homeland, dealing with an assortment of subjects ranging from the good old American Way of thinking, to processed cow meat, to homicide of comedians and whatnot. Typical US fare, I presume..

The music is mostly plain, yet effective, the synths and bass giving a nice deep sound that accompanies the lyrics well, providing a decently dark and heavy sound. The best example might very well be their cover of Spice Girls’ “Spice Up Your Life” which never must’ve sounded creepier (and thus better).

The addition of 8 remixes and 3 radio edits may initially look like filler to reach the admittedly long playing time of 70 minutes, but most are worth a listen, specially the Hypoid ones which could rather easily be taken on any dance floor.

-review by FiXXXer667

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