Crusher Magazine (2006)

Review Source: Crusher Magazine

Release: You Knew It All Along
Label: Facility Records

If you happen to be driving along at night tripping your face off on mushrooms, don’t play THINGS OUTSIDE THE SKIN’s “You Knew It All Along”, it will freak you out. “You Knew It All Along” is the (third) release from the group, and this album is a long bad trip. The album is a dark techno voyage, at times gothic in sound, with good beats, and a truly atmospheric effect. Some songs even have a distinct dash of hip hop influence. This isn’t the kind of techno you’ll get up and rave all night to. I haven’t seen the stage show for these guys, but based on this record I imagine you’ll be glad you spent a few bucks on pills. If you like dark immersive techno, this is a decent record. Some of the earlier tracks tend to be more annoying than anything else. “Another Dead Comedian” and “Cow Tippin'” are the worst. The latter half of the album is the remix section, and that’s where you really get your money’s worth.

– review by Trystam Spiro-Costello

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