Houston Music Review (2005)

Review Source: Houston Music Review
Release: You Knew It All Along
Label: Facility Records

Brooklyn, NY’s industrial rockers Things Outside the Skin’s third full-length release contains a cavalcade of big synthetic beats, swirling effects, and a slew of vitriolic vocalizations. Making creepy music seems effortless for this trio of electronic gurus, as a plethora of scintillating sounds grab your ear’s attention as the pseudo rap of tracks like “The Most Appealing Thing” assaults you from the front. Mixing it up like Mike Patton meeting the Transplants on the homage to Phil Hartman “Another Dead Comedian” while taking the rave from the warehouse to your speakers on “Town & Country”, YOU KNEW IT ALL ALONG goes 22-tracks deep (incuding remixes and edits), leading you on a twisted ride through the minds of master musical manipulators that know their way around a synthesizer as well as they realize the power of a well-crafted song. If you dig left of center Goth rock, this group will not disappoint.

-review by Mike SOS

** review re-printed in www.earcandymag.com, www.americoremagazine.com, and in www.thedelimagazine.com.

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