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Release: You Knew It All Along
Label: Facility Records

I have listened to the CD repeatedly and I must say it is quite heterogeneous in nature. The first two tracks are quite hard hitting and I do love them. Hard beats with some fancy glitchy synth lines remind me of an evilized Rob Zombie a tad there. Then we are completely surprised with the Spice Girls parody with track 3 (Spice Up Your Life) which offers some more standard beats paired with vocal craziness and some very weird synthesizers. Track 4 (The Most Appealing Thing) hits it hard again – a tad delivered in a rap/hip-hop style paired with harsh electronica. The same is true for the next track (Going Under). After that – another funny one: The cow song! (Cow Tippin’). Then it gets very hard again with electro-industrial rap (?) (So Emotional Tao). This basically describes the flow of the CD. The tracks change in style between industrial rock to electro-industrial with rap influence to more EBM type tracks, which keeps it interesting for the listener.

My favorite tracks are “American Way” (the lyrics of which I would dedicate to never having found a WMD), “Town & Country” and “Horror Culture” (sounds a bit like Bile meats NIN on LSD).

In addition to 11 original tracks, the CD contains another 8 remixes and 3 radio edits of the tracks. You get a lot for your money and surprisingly, the production is excellent. Very cool mixes!

In regards to the lyrics (to contrast a previous review): I like them! Some of them are grotesque, some harsh as hell (track 1), some funny. Just the right mix for me.

A very solid release with a touch of NY city beats and rap on occasion.

-review by Kai (of Random Insults)

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