Sacramento News and Reviews (2002)

Review Source: Sacramento News and Reviews
Artist: Various Artists
Release: Teen Feeding Frenzy: A Tribute to the Music Teens Love
Label: Go Kustom Records

A few years ago, Kill Switch … Klick mastermind d.A. Sebasstian left Cleopatra Records and started Go-Kustom Records. The label’s latest and best release, subtitled “A Tribute to the Music Teens Love,” is a collection of some of the best (or worst) songs ever geared to the teen market. Some are played straight; others take the term “cover” to new heights and subtle beauty. Faith & Disease’s gorgeous “Johnny Angel,” Courtney Hudak’s acoustic “Girlfriend” and Introversion’s 21st-century “Runaway” all sparkle. Sebasstian punks out the Jackson 5’s “I’ll Be There” and turns it into a stalker’s song. Remora, [doll factory] and Things Outside the Skin craft remakes of “Hangin’ Tough,” “Baby One More Time” and “Spice Up Your Life” into nightmarish visions of industrial and somewhat danceable mayhem. Most outrageous is 212 destroying the Bay City Rollers’ “Saturday Night” into a mess of haywire magnetic tape.

By David A. Kulczyk

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