Semtex Zine (2006)

Review Source: Semtex Zine
Title: You Knew It All Along
Label: Facility Records
Author score: 3 of 10

What the hell is this? Things Outside The Skin seem to be a bunch of old dudes playing a mix of alternative new wave, totally depending on dark beats and bleeps. The vocalist has a misplaced form of humor in songs such as Spice Up Your Life and Cow Tippin. I’m kind of getting sleepy by their attempts to mix dark music with their way of humor. It feels pretty macabre, to say the least and to give this review an ironic turn. Anyway, besides the bleepz and beats there are some exclusive remixes and radio edits included, that sound not too different from the original songs, just a few that lean towards the gabbercore scene. Uninteresting.

This reminded me of the time when Rob Halford from Judas Priest released this record Voyeur one time, under an alter ego named Two. I fucking hated that record, and people who know the scoop around this, will understand me. I’m kind of getting that same bad feeling again. Bad. I gave it a try but it’s not working on me at all. Buy a guitar dudes, play metal and quit the silly humor. Rob did it too.

-review by Ray Kluze

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