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Non-band related creative endeavors by t.o.t.s. members.

Available for pre-order now! Rotation: A Dark Ambient Compilation

Available now for pre-order! ROTATION: A Dark Ambient / Experimental Compilation
This is the first collaboration of Uncoiled Loops and Facility Records to bring you some of the best dark ambient / experimental music in the genre, with some well known acts as well as new, up-and-coming acts. This includes Dead Voices On Air’s “Power Failure” as one of the 7 peviously unreleased tracks, provides for the first time Controlled Bleeding’s “The Poisoner” (Part 2, excerpt) as a single track download, and Herwig Holzmann’s (of Photophob fame) now out of print “Watching the Abortive Mimoid”. Also, of course, featuring a new track by yours truly! There is tons of great material on this… so CHECK IT OUT! Pre-Order HERE:

Chvad SB joins Controlled Bleeding

Things in have been slow for sometime and for that I have to apologize Lots of life drama and a really soured record deal all affected me pretty heavily but there’s always good news! The new record from The Qualia is sounding great, I have wrapped recording on a new solo record, a new Tongue Muzzle record will be released shortly and over the past couple of months I’ve been playing with experimental music legends Controlled Bleeding. Our first gigs are just around the corner and it’s going to be a real honor to perform and create music with them. So as you can see… still a TON of great stuff on deck! I’m also trying to figure out a way to release t.o.t.s.’ ill fated “The Return of the Wetlands” album. I think it’s great and I’ll stand by it and would like for it to be released. t.o.t.s. isn’t done… I’m just having a hell of a time navigating these waters to the next place we need to be. More when I have it…

-Chvad SB

2011 – Tongue Muzzle “vs. All Monsters”

all-monsters-temp record date: 11-21-2010
release date: 1-3-2011
recorded* and produced by: Chvad SB
label: Facility Records
cover art: Chvad SB
availability: Bandcamp 

track list:
1. 7 Brothers Let Go of the Past, 2:46
2. Last One in Is a Rotten Destoroyah, 3:53
3. All Hail King Caesar, 7:15
4. Sodom and Gamera, 3:44
5. Voyage to the Center of the Spleen, 3:26
6. Invasion of the Booty Snatcher,s 3:10
7. My Parents Went to New Mexico And All I Got Was This
Stupid New T-Shirt, 4:42

this incarnation of Tongue Muzzle is:
Chvad SB: drums/whamola/sleep drone
Lars Casteen: sleep drone/whamola/drums/bass
Mr. 1234: bass/sleep drone/whamola
Zakai Robbins: whamolo/beatbox/drums

*recorded live straight to 2-Track.