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Things not man affected by things man.

Don’t be an asshole, help save polar bears.

There are only 20-25,000 scattered throughout the Arctic, and rising temperatures and industrial pollution are driving them to the brink of extinction. In December, officials at the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service announced a proposal to list polar bears as “threatened” under the Endangered Species Act. Securing this “threatened” status will provide crucial protections that can help ensure the survival of our polar bears.

Human activities have put polar bears in danger, the future of the species is threatened both by pollution and climate change.

Toxic pollution from industrial emissions builds up in the food chain. By the time it reaches polar bears at the top of the food chain it’s strong enough to cause birth defects and inhibit development.

Global warming also causes Arctic ice to melt earlier in the summer and freeze later in the winter, shortening the polar bears’ hunting season. For every week lost on the ice, the bears lose about 22 pounds of fat. Thinner bears tend to give birth to fewer cubs. Rising global temperatures have caused polar bears’ birth rates to decline by 15%.

The deadlone for public comment is April 9th. Don’t be an asshole… DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

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