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Bad Mouth ‘zine (1996)

source: Bad Mouth ‘zine #8

Artist: Recherche’ (pre-t.o.t.s.)
Release: If I’m the Evil… Find the Evil in Me
Label: Facility Records

I can’t think of any industrial bands that are darker than Recherche’. Undoubtedly the best industrial  act to come out of Norfolk. The music is pure programmed aggression and voice distortion. “Distorted Thoughts, Distorted Visions” is a real gem, but the entire tape is truly exceptional. Not as predictable as the techno-like bands of Europe (KMFDM, Blok 57) and grittier than the slicked-up corporate industrials (NIN, Gravity Kills), Recherche’ will definitely carve a new niche in the genre.

– Albert Holaso