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Back to Bugville

So. There have been some set backs. Where is the new album? Where are the old albums? What the hell is going on with this band that up until the past couple years had been very VERY active? Well… those are all great questions and eventually they’re gonna be answered. Just rest assured that there IS material there and if I’m lucky it will survive this current ordeal. So aside from the fact that I can’t go into THAT right now…. what I will do is tell you about what is happening NOW… and right now, those are BED BUGS and LANDLORDS.

About four weeks ago I (Chvad SB) took apart the t.o.t.s. studio and packed up all my shit and moved into a new apartment in Bushwick (Brooklyn, NY). Happy to have small things like heat, a best air mattress, and a roof that doesn’t leak all seemed well. The End.

Ok… not the end and definitely not the start either. Let’s rewind a bit. Before I visited the reliable local Bedbugs control service to kill the pesky little things, I’m going to start telling this story from the beginning and hope that it becomes a cautionary tale for tenants everywhere… especially those tenants who happen to be musicians. Musicians have gear. Gear has lots of tiny little holes for bugs to crawl into and lay eggs. Welcome to “THINGS OUTSIDE THE SKIN vs. BED BUGS”.