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New Orleans EVENT: Oct. 30th! Hate in the Box w/special guest Chvad SB!

This Sat, Oct 30th, Chvad SB (of THINGS OUTSIDE THE SKIN and The Qualia) will be sitting in as a guest guitar player for NYC’s Hate in the Box at the New Orleans “Endless Night Vampire Ball“! C’mon out and see what the secret conspiracy ridden practice sessions have been all about! Demon possessed race car drivers! Maniac organ players! Demon chicks abound! THERE IS NO BETTER PLACE TO BE THIS HALLOWEEN!

Tickets and info here:
Endless Night Vampire Ball presents “Lucifer’s Masquerade”

Cow Tippin’

Cow Tippin’

Genetically bred and then fed themselves when they die.
Herbivore turned cannibalistic carnivore and you ask yourself why?

More beef for the burger.
More burger for the bun.
More genetics, cow synthetics.
And the Happy Meals are fun.
And the Happy Meals and toys.
And the millions they employ.
Can’t compensate for the hundred million creatures we destroy.

Cow Tippin’, Cow Tippin’
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Let’s take a baby and put it in a box.
Feed it nothing and watch it whither away.
Then we cut off the atrophied muscle,
Cook it up and serve it as a meal.
Call me a freak?
I call it veal.

Cow Tippin’, Cow Tippin’
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Ok, here’s a good one:
What has four stomachs, weights 1200 pounds and drinks cows milk?
A cow mother fucker!
It’s not even something we really need.
Humans, in their infinite superiority…
are the only species…
that find it necessary…
to suck the nipple…
of another breed.

–Chvad SB

Copyright 2001-2004 Chvad SB. All Rights Reserved.

“Doggie Tails”, original soundtrack, 2002

cover_doggie_tales_02 release date: 2002
written and performed by: Chvad SB
additional vocals by: Mary Holloway
additional guitars performed by: Barry Hensley
label: Troma Entertainment
cover art: Chvad SB
availability: OOP

track list:
1) Doggie Tails Theme
2) Fun in the Park
3) Doggie Beach Blanket Bingo
4) Doggie Dance
5) Be Brave Lucky
6) The Magical Playground