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Cow Tippin’

Cow Tippin’

Genetically bred and then fed themselves when they die.
Herbivore turned cannibalistic carnivore and you ask yourself why?

More beef for the burger.
More burger for the bun.
More genetics, cow synthetics.
And the Happy Meals are fun.
And the Happy Meals and toys.
And the millions they employ.
Can’t compensate for the hundred million creatures we destroy.

Cow Tippin’, Cow Tippin’
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Let’s take a baby and put it in a box.
Feed it nothing and watch it whither away.
Then we cut off the atrophied muscle,
Cook it up and serve it as a meal.
Call me a freak?
I call it veal.

Cow Tippin’, Cow Tippin’
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Ok, here’s a good one:
What has four stomachs, weights 1200 pounds and drinks cows milk?
A cow mother fucker!
It’s not even something we really need.
Humans, in their infinite superiority…
are the only species…
that find it necessary…
to suck the nipple…
of another breed.

–Chvad SB

Copyright 2001-2004 Chvad SB. All Rights Reserved.

2001 – Delicate Furies

cover_delicatefuries release year: 2001
label: InstrumenTales Records
produced by: Bret Hart
availability: Archive.org (free download)

track list:
1) Kragro Man
2) Four Corners
3) The Low Three
4) Jomeokee
5) Wade Alone
6) System 19
7) Fidibus Canere
8) One’s Child Is Now The Gills
9) Yui’s Workout
10) It’s About Time, It’s About Space
11) The One-Man Band Takes A Stand
12) Bullwinkle Pond & the 5
13) Spiralled Riotous Felicity
14) A Miner’s Hat
15) What The Dog Said
16) (untitled)
17) Majestic Thursday
18) Small Steps
19) Nonoxen
20) Lincoln’s Head (t.o.t.s.)
21) Mrs. Murphy’s Blue