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Added interview to audio page. Chvad SB arrested by NYPD Nov. 29th! NEWS ARTICLES HERE
What Happened? Chvad SB was arrested Friday, Oct.29th by the NYPD. Friends, we’ve got a problem here. After a Judge ruled in favor of letting the event (Critical Mass) go on. After being arrested and being told “We’re only doing what we’re told.” After having no rights read. After being detained and cuffed overnight in the city jail with over 50 other participants. After no laws were broken and while we were complying with police directions we were, in fact, intentionally trapped and arrested.

The articles say the police arrested people for breaking the law. BULLSHIT. The only lights and stop signs rode though were those we were flagged through by the police themselves. They say we deviated from a pre-determined path. BULLSHIT. The police themselves barricaded the specified path and splintered the group into 7 parts, corralled everyone into smaller streets, trapped and arrested us. When arrested, I was dismounted and walking my bike home as were the other 10 that were arrested alongside me. The only laws broken were by the NYPD as they intentionally hit and knocked over bicyclists with their scooters and proceeded to arrest the victim.

If none of you are familiar with “Critical Mass” you should check it out: http://www.critical-mass.org/

Enjoy the music & enjoy your freedom,
-Chvad SB